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My Project for Happiness.

April | Establish Routines

May | Live Better

June | Be Nicer

July | Restore Bonds

August | Focus on Friends

September | Go!

October | Develop Skills

November | Plan for the Future

December | Make the World Better

Latest Posts

The blog is where I will be tracking my progress and talking about how closely I am sticking with the project. You can read the latest posts on the front page or visit the blog to see all posts.

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5th April 2013 By Michael Pfaff

Check out this TED talk on “mind-wandering” and happiness.

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5th April 2013 By Michael Pfaff

So, HabitRPG is this thing I discovered a while back and only recently remember it due to setting up this happiness project.

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Goals for the Blog

2nd April 2013 By Michael Pfaff

So, my goals for the blog section of the project is to discuss the changes as I implement them; techniques I use, discoveries I make, failures that occur (and how I plan to fail forward!) and successes I have.

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